Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day To All Mr. T Style

To be serious for a second, I am truly blessed to have a wonderful mother who sacrificed for and loved me alot, and for my wife, the mother of my children, who has produced two beautiful boys whom have blessed us immeasurably. Having kids has made me realize how much we take for granted for from our mothers. Wiping a butt 5,000 times until potty training kicks in is a pretty thankless job. Sorry about that mom, and for worrying you half to death when I was a teen-ager. If it's any consolation, your grandkids will extract their revenge on me, and have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Guys, get up and make breakfast for your mothers and/or wives. Oh, and clean up after yourselves. Today should be at least the one day per year where the mothers get to take a bit of a break from picking up after us. Tomorrow we can be our usual slobby selves.