Thursday, May 31, 2007

Genuine Water (This product contains no water)

Jim Hightower has a commentary about Nestle and Hershey lobbying the FDA to be able to sell chocolate that actually contains no chocolate. Public commentary on the proposal ends June 25th, so for those of you who are chocoholics out there, you might want to go here to scream at the FDA for a bit.

There also has been controversy in the recent past about manufacturers selling "guacamole dip" which is an amalgram of chemicals, soybean oil, and 2% avocado powder. Mmm, mmm, mmm. We need to take our food more seriously, dare I say like the French. We were out the other day, and my wife wanted a lemonade from the fountain. Minute Maid lemonade contains 0% fruit juice. In other words it's not lemonade.

Truth in labeling laws are critical for consumer protection. I am not saying manufacturers can't sell this crap, they just have to call it something different. Hershey's dark goo of chemicals isn't a good name to market so they try to get the FDA to approve their scheme of ripping off consumers for more profits. As Jim Hightower noted:
To add insult to injury, Hershey even blames us for its proposed rip-off, claiming that the deceptive label is needed to keep up with the changing "consumer taste preference." Oh, right – I'm sure there’s an explosion of pent-up consumer demand all across America for that yummy taste of chemically modified trans fats. Who wants that old cocoa richness when we could have the waxy texture of the artificial stuff?

Only in America.