Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fred Thompson For President Is Typical GOP Style

They may claim to hate Hollywood, but they love conservative members of the left coast community over there. Thompson's resume, personal life, and lack of drive may be issues that stops his campaign from going over the top.

People talk about trophy wives, but come on now... this guy wants to be President. Elizabeth Dole or Nancy Reagan are ok as trophy wives, but I am not sure the new Mrs. Thompson is going to past muster.

Newt is all but declaring he is in as well. He is doing his book tour in New Hampshire, Iowa, California and Texas of all places. What a coincidence. He is heavily spamming the GOP email lists with bullshit and blather trying to prime the pump.

The GOP is adrift and they know it. They are looking for Ronald Reagan, but they need to start looking for a soul. Is grabbing power and committing graft really what they stand for these days? If you judge them by their actions, it's all they have got left.