Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Donate Lots Of Money, Eat With Lady Wearing Tiara

An Arizona car dealer, an interior designer and a former Enron executive were among the 18 major Republican donors invited to the dine with the Queen of England, along with celebrities, members of Congress and Bush administration officials, at last night's White House white-tie state dinner.

"These are not your rank-and-file donors," says Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the campaign finance watchdog group the Center for Responsive Politics. "In a sense, this is the GOP royalty."

Republicans were highly critical of President Bill Clinton when he rewarded big contributors with invitations to state dinners.

Now, I realize the whole Queen thing is pretty silly in this day and age but still...
Inviting car dealers to break bread with the sovereign head of state of England because they gave you a lot of money is a wee bit tacky, even for "the decider". If I donate $5,000,000 to the GOP, can I get a guided tour of the dungeon of horror at Cheney's undisclosed location?

It was offensive for donors to get White House payouts when Clinton was in office. Lincoln's bedroom is a sacred place after all. It's ok if you are a republican though I suppose. The queen might want to upgrade her horse drawn carriage with a nice 2007 Expedition anyways.