Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Democrats are Spineless Little Wimps

They caved to Bush on Iraq funding, like most people assumed they would. Bush is between 28 and 33% in the latest polls that came out. The vast majority of the American people want out, and the democrats run and hide because big bad Bush is playing hardball.

Do they even want to lead? I am disgusted. My cynical side says they are playing this just like the Republicans play the abortion issue. The democrats will go to the voters in fall 2008 and say that we can get out of Iraq only if you just give us some more money and more seats.

Bullcrap. If they had the power of conviction, they would have played chicken with Bush until he blinked. They would have passed two bills every week. One for reauthorization with benchmarks, and one for funds only to be used for withdrawal. They should be ashamed of themselves today. Their cowardice is making them own this war too. I hope they have to face the widows of those who fall this summer and fall and are forced to explain themselves.