Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Atrios Has The White House Iraq Plan Down Cold

There will eventually be confirmation hearings. There will be pressure on Democrats to confirm him. Then Tony Snow and the president will say the Democrats have no right to criticize the plans because they just voted to confirm the guy who will implement them.

In other words, reboot the F.U. machine.

At this point, everything is a delay tactic. We have to wait 3 months, no six months, no wait a year, for the surge plan to work. The surge peters out and is appearing uneffective so now they come up with a War Czar. It took them a while to find somebody crazy enough to do the job. So, now we have confirmation hearings.

Once confirmed, we will hear the White House and the spin machine in the right wing press say that we need to give the Czar a chance to implement his plan. The spin that really ticks me off is that "members of congress are trying to use their judgement above that of the generals" or some other crap like that.

Memo to everybody: When Bush has to hunt for weeks to find a single person to agree with him, it is not exactly fair to say that criticism of that person's policy is criticizing military leadership. If I decided to only hire somebody who thought that tossing razor blades into children's toys was a good idea, it is not criticizing the working class to suggest that he and I are freaking lunatics.