Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Apples To Oranges: Or How Michelle Malkin Loves To Bomb

Unhinged racist lunatic Michelle Malkin is outraged by a double standard in regards to youth journalism. Let's listen to the crazy lady tell her story.
Here is a tale of two breeds of undercover journalists. One has been celebrated by the national media and journalism organizations. The other has been shunned. One has champions in Congress. The other is facing litigation.

David McSwane, a high-school honors student, posed as a dropout and druggie. “I wanted to do something cool, go undercover and do something unusual,” he told the Rocky Mountain News. McSwane deliberately failed a high-school equivalency test, caught recruiters on tape driving him to purchase a detox kit, and reported that they urged him to obtain a phony diploma. A local CBS station picked up the story — prompting the Army to shut down its recruiting stations nationwide for ethics training.

There have been numerous instances of governmental agents known as military recruiters who have lied to young men and women, often times legal minors, in order to get them into the military. I was lied to by my recruiter before I went in. Thanks by the way, asshole.

Now in desperation to keep their own asses out of Iraq and in their cushy recruiting jobs, recruiters are not just lying to recruits, but forging documents, instructing unqualified people with mental and drug problems, criminal records to represent the United States in uniform with very powerful weapons being handed to them. It is extremely serious. It would not be too surprising to find out that one of the people who have tortured prisoners, or raped civilians, or committed acts like the massacre at Haditha had something in their records that was covered up in order to allow them to serve. This has damaged our reputation around the world, and made us new enemies in the process.

On the other hand, Michelle Malkin has found something just as important that isn't getting the attention it deserves due to the liberal media engaged in a massive cover-up.

No such laurels have been awarded to Lila Rose, however. And none will be forthcoming, I predict. Rose is an 18-year-old student journalist at UCLA. Like McSwane and his breed of undercover reporters, she surreptitiously infiltrated a massive organization that enlists young people. Like McSwane and his breed of undercover reporters, Rose exposed deceptive practices. Rose posed as a 15-year-old seeking the services and advice of her target. Like McSwane and his breed of undercover reporters, she caught her targets urging her to lie and evade the law in order to sign her up.

But Rose’s target was the Left’s beloved Planned Parenthood, not the military. And that has made all the difference in the nonexistent national coverage of her undercover journalism. Rose edits The Advocate, a pro-life campus publication of the student group Live Action. She posed as a minor impregnated by a 23-year-old boyfriend and caught a Planned Parenthood employee advising her to lie about her age to relieve the abortion provider from a legal obligation to report statutory rape to the police.

ONE employee of a private organization did something unethical. She believed that a person might be 15 and had consensual sex with a 23 year old. This is a crime. It should be prosecuted. I don't enjoy men sleeping with teen-age girls, and think they need to be held accountable. It gets gray for me when it is 18 and 15, but all the same, this employee should be fired, and investigated.

Michelle Malkin is trying to equate the two things as being equal. She is quite mental and inane at the same time. There was somebody in my platoon in basic training who wigged out near the end. He went into the bathroom and began to smash his face into the mirror repeatedly. If my drill instructor decided to slip him a few Xanax and ignore it just to keep the body count going, I would have been a bit put out, considering we had a live fire excercise the following day.

In the military we were told that we were ambassadors of the United States when we were overseas. This ridiculous war has generated the need for more bodies and people are cutting corners left and right. The students who exposed recruiters trying to get potentially dangerous individuals into the military have done a great service to our nation.

The pro-life student who pretended to be 15 year old exposed an employee who might have just worried about destroying the young girl's life if she had to testify against her older boyfriend in a rape trial.

Apples to oranges Malkin. Your sense of proportion is bananas.