Saturday, April 07, 2007

When You Have A Hammer, Everything Is A Nail

The US offered to take military action on behalf of the 15 British sailors and marines held by Iran, including buzzing Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions with warplanes, the Guardian has learned.

In the first few days after the captives were seized and British diplomats were getting no news from Tehran on their whereabouts, Pentagon officials asked their British counterparts: what do you want us to do? They offered a series of military options, a list which remains top secret given the mounting risk of war between the US and Iran. But one of the options was for US combat aircraft to mount aggressive patrols over Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases in Iran, to underline the seriousness of the situation.

We didn't consider sending Condi Rice out for shuttle diplomacy? I am shocked. Our plan of being militarily aggressive would have worked too if those meddling kids didn't foil our plans!

I keep harping on this over and over, but it remains the truth that George Bush's concept of all bombs, no diplomacy is the stupidest idea he has come up with during his presidency. That is saying quite a bit. Diplomacy is the art of the possible. War is the failure of diplomacy. Bush thinks if we don't try diplomacy, we can get to blow some more shit up.

Too bad Iranians can read the papers too. They knew exactly what Bush was thinking, and backed down right before he got a chance to come up with a "good excuse" to go authorize some bombing runs.

Who can blame Nancy Pelosi for trying diplomacy? If impeachment for high crimes & misdemeanors was taken seriously, Cheney and Bush would be out on their ass, and she would become president. Now, it appears all we can hope for is that some people in our government haven't been fired for not being "loyal bushies" and that they resist all evil, incompetent schemes that people in Dick Cheney's office come up with until January 2009.