Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Very Long 21 Months

George Bush is not going to rebound in the polls, no matter how hard David Broder keeps clapping. Iraq is not getting better. I wonder if people are going to tune out entirely and just mentally hope that the next two years just goes by due faster due to lack of attention.

We really have gone downhill. I say it often, but when you consider the Presidents we have had in the past, it is almost Roman in nature how far we have fallen. Perhaps this country one day would rebound and vote in an Adlai Stevenson, but the signs aren't looking that hot.

The one thing I really miss about Bill Clinton's presidency today is his intellect. A reporter could ask him a question nearly about anything and Clinton had likely read a book, an article, went to a briefing about it, and could express himself eloquently, and thoroughly on the subject.

Bush truly is devolving mentally, not that he started out so lofty to begin with here. Repeating the same 3-5 word catch phrases over and over like a trained monkey, might be impressive if you were a monkey, but not if you are the leader of the free world.