Thursday, April 19, 2007

Taxpayer Protection Act Passes The House

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House marked Tax Day on Tuesday by approving new protections against some of the modern-day dangers facing taxpayers, including identity theft, deceptive Web sites and loan sharks.

The Taxpayer Protection Act, passed 407-7, also makes it easier for taxpayers to retrieve property lost as a result of a wrongful Internal Revenue Service levy and directs the IRS to notify lower-income people that they qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

When good common sense bills like these pass by such a large margin, I often wonder about who voted against it. Seven congress critters decided this was a terrible idea.
Ron Paul, Jeff Flake, Michelle Bachmann, Tom Tancredo, Lynn Westmoreland, Patrick McHenry, and Marsha Blackburn. The funny thing is I know all of these crazies. Most of us don't know every member of congress, but what are the odds that the loony tune crowd would makes such a coalition just by chance? Perhaps it's an attention getting move.

More air time on Hardball for Marsha Blackburn. More Wolf Blitzer for Patrick McHenry. Michelle Bachmann of course is the truly genuine insane one of the crowd. I love her so much. She makes congress fun.