Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Hate People Who Drive Hummers

They are a military vehicle. They are not designed for rush hour traffic in LA. I know, I actually drove one of the first prototypes in the late 80's when I was in the military. It was cool. We could climb up embankments. It was rugged off roading. We were 18-25 year olds and the thought never crossed our minds, "Hey, it would be cool if we could take this thing and waste gasoline by sitting on a freeway for two hours". We were thinking of going up dunes, sideways on hills, and other dangerous things that would tax the capabilities of the vehicle. Silly us.

Apparently some people do though. There should be a special tax on these. It would not be a luxory tax. It would be an asshole tax. Who buys a Hummer who isn't one of the world's biggest pricks? I am including women here too. You count as well.

Our planet is cooking, our poor are starving, and you sit in fucking traffic, or go to the mall in a vehicle designed for rugged terrain. Until the H3 came out, many people were paying $85,000 a shot for these bastards too.

It's the moral equivalent of buying caviar for your cat or bathing in evian water, just because you can. You are a dick. I hope your car breaks down in a neighborhood where people worry about if there will be dinner tonight and you have to be at their mercy and charity to come help you.

That will fix you but good.