Saturday, April 14, 2007

How About That Weather?

While people on the right seem to enjoy pointing out any time it is colder than average on a particular day with a mocking sneer about Al Gore's weight, the weather this winter appears to me to be a good indication as to what is going to happen with global warming. Every day is not going to be hotter. It will be hotter on average. This winter we had record heat in December, then freezing cold in April.

In my neck of the woods, we had record high heat in March that convinced trees to bloom over two weeks early, then when the freak snowstorm came, it killed off the local apple crops. The damage estimate is at 90% or above.

When I moved to the mountains, I looked at the average snowfall totals and got all excited. The toddler and I would get to build snowmen. Growing up in Southern California, one often wore shorts in December. Dissapointed by the below average snowfall, I was chatting about the weather with my neighbor. We have not had a severe snow season in over 15 years now. She has lived here all her life. Her son was three then, and 18 now. The weather here is still nice mind you. But it's gradually changing. We have more record high days than record lows. We have hot Decembers, and April temps of 14 degrees.

No matter how much global warming denialists want to pretend there isn't something going on. It is all around us. You just have to pay attention.