Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Be Not Afraid

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says the pain and turmoil of her White House years don't discourage her in the least as she wages a campaign she hopes will bring her back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The ambitious health care reform plan Clinton oversaw in 1993-'94 drew much fire. In the interview, she declined to say whether she'll offer a plan for universal coverage in her campaign.

That in a nutshell is my problem with Hillary Clinton. I liked her first before I liked the Big Dog. She was articulate, brilliant, bold, and unapologetic. Then health care happened and she has not been the same ever since.

Running on issues such as flag burning and violent video games I doubt is seriously what she had in mind when bright eyed, and fresh faced, she exited college and decided to take a bite out of the world and engage in politics and advocacy.

If Hillary Clinton said today that I was right in 1994. It is right to offer Universal Health Care, and I am going to get it done, I have a sneaky feeling that it would help, not hurt her even in the general election. If she wins by timidity, she will have to govern the same way.

Be not afraid Senator Clinton. Toss your pollsters to the side. Those issues you fought for in the past, and discarded in the present were instances of you being visionary. Your tolerance for homosexuals, your fight for women in the workplace, your fight for health coverage is much more popular now than when you first struggled to have them enacted.

Being timid when the vagaries of public opinion have shifted in your direction is not just immoral but stupid politics. You aren't a stupid person. Do the right thing.