Sunday, April 29, 2007

Global Warming Ruins My Week-Ends

For the third time this month, I had to cut the lawn. You see, we have been having record and near record highs this month and that means more lawn mowing for yours truly. We are going to be 83 tomorrow. According to's historical averages, we should just be hitting 70 right now. We have had well over a dozen days near or above 80 already, plus a freak snow storm all in the month of April.

On average, it doesn't hit 83 until July. Now I know days above average don't make a scientific point. It pisses me off to no end when dishonest hacks like Matt Drudge get all excited when it ever gets cold and he mocks Al Gore for being so silly.

However, when I moved to the North Carolina mountains, one of the first things I did was look at historical averages because I was excited about snow. We had a few storms of either a dusting or an inch or two but nothing major. I talked to my neighbor who has lived here all of her 50+ years, and she told me that we haven't got a major life stopping heavy snow for 15 years when her teen-ager was three. They used to get them all the time. My plans on making snowmen with the toddler were crushed this winter.

Everywhere I have lived in the past two decades or so, we tend to hit alot more historical highs than lows. That is what scientists are telling us as well. On average, our temperature is rising. It's frustrating that we even have to debate that issue. What man created pollution and activities are doing to create these warmer averages can be debated, even though most scientists not in the employ of Exxon-Mobil think we have a great deal to do with the matter.

So, this summer, I will be mowing the lawn alot instead of enjoying it on the week-ends. Global warming sucks.