Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Forty Days and Forty Nights

That is how long Mrs. Trifecta has been in the hospital. We are expecting our second child, and the pregnancy has been rough. Almost six weeks ago at week thirty, Mrs. Trifecta started hemorrhaging, really badly. It was a terrifying experience. Driving behind her as the ambulance took off, I was numb. Thank goodness my m-i-l was at the house able to watch the toddler.

One of the paramedics raised his arms up in the air, and grabbed something with both hands, and gazing through the tiny window, my imagination went wild, and I thought he was grabbing the paddles to shock her heart. She bled a lot. A few seconds later when he just sat calmly, I realized it wasn't my worst fear. It was just blood pressure cuffs, I found out later.

We have gone through nearly six weeks of constant boredom, the toddler not understanding what is going on, acting out, and Mrs. Trifecta going stir crazy. Today was going to be the culmination for all this stress and worry. We were scheduled for a c-section at 2, but an amnio needed to be done first to check the baby's lungs. Mrs. Trifecta wasn't allowed food or fluids since midnight and asked the doctor to bring her a ginger ale if the lungs weren't ready. At 11:30, the doctor opened the door carrying a Schweppes.

We now have another seven to nine days to go. Thank goodness we are next to an excellent hospital. Thank goodness we are getting great care.

Waiting though can be insufferable.