Friday, April 06, 2007

Corporations Are Not Our Friends

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - T.J. Rodgers, chief executive of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., had a simple solution to the hassles of getting visas for foreign engineers he needed to run his $1 billion business.

"When I hire an Indian PhD today, I hire him in Bangalore, not San Jose. Now I can hire all I want and not have to worry about the vagaries of government decrees," Rodgers said.

"They've made it less tenable to do business here, so we do business elsewhere," Rodgers told Reuters in an interview.

Corporate profits are at record levels right now. Worker pay has gone for crap since 1973. The answer for computer companies was to hire more H1-B workers. But there is that tricky cap in place. We can only depress the market here so much in the United States. Patriots like T.J. Rogers have a new way of shafting his fellow countrymen and women.

This is not going to end people. Any way to lower worker salaries is being done in order to boost corporate profit and executive salaries. We need pitchforks and torches or we will continue to be frogs in pots of water that are coming to a slow boil.