Thursday, April 12, 2007

Campaign 2008 Gets Into Full Swing

Larry Kissell, who lost an excrucitatingly close race in North Carolina's Eighth district, is gearing up for another run. Losing by 329 votes can be just as painful as getting creamed. Larry is an oustanding candidate, a great democrat, and is blogging his efforts to make up the difference the next go round.

Larry is likely too civil to say the following, so I shall. The incumbant Robin Hayes is a real a-hole. North Carolina has a textile industry that is in real peril. Hayes promised to vote against CAFTA which likely will further cripple the industry, but instead got his arm twisted by the corporate interests in D.C. and cast the deciding vote that allowed it to pass. He needs to be gone from congress ASAP.

Here is where you can learn more about Larry Kissell and where to contribute if you have some extra scratch