Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Day, More Freedom On The March

A suicide car bomber killed at least 40 people and wounded 128 at a crowded bus station near a major Shi'ite shrine in the Iraqi holy city of Kerbala on Saturday, police and hospital sources said.

In Baghdad, police said a suicide car bomber detonated his device before a checkpoint at the southern Jadriyah bridge, killing 10 people, wounding 15 and burning several cars in the second major attack on a bridge in the capital in the past two days.

Television footage showed the twisted, blackened wreck of what was thought to have been the car used to deliver the bomb as ambulance and rescue services worked to save the wounded.

Charred corpses were piled in the back of an ambulance, while a pair of sneakers lay next to the badly burned body of another victim on the bridge.

Ho hum. I bet it doesn't make much of a splash on the networks today because to be honest, we don't consider it shocking news when 50 people are blown up in Iraq. There are less people in Iraq than in California. Think of that when you hear all these stories and assume they are all happening in California, or Texas, or Florida every day and picture what a state of chaos we would be living in if that was happening here.

Pronouncements that LA was a hell hole, but the Napa Valley was calm would be treated like a joke.