Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ABC Radio News Is Run By Satan

Every time I listen to the top of the hour news, my blood pressure goes up. Yesterday they were hawking the John Edwards haircut story as top news. Today, they were blaming us citizens for not taking vacation.

It's a paraphrase, but the announcer said don't complain about not taking vacations, because half of you don't take the vacations you already get. Many of you are only planning on taking long week-ends this year. So quit your bitching about getting only two weeks a year. This was her basic message.

The reason people don't take their full vacations in most cases is because they can't. Technically, the vacation is there, but you are considered a non team player if you bother taking it. The companies have been so downsized, that the work you do can't be done unless you are around to do it, and how dare you think of yourself, and your need for a mental break when things just have to be done.

That's not the message ABC is sending though. It's all our fault. We "choose" to overwork in the US. There should be a law against such pro corporate propoganda, or the fairness doctrine. Subtle things like this are small in the great scheme of things, but crap like this every day is there to attune people into being compliant worker bees.