Monday, March 19, 2007

Support the War Or You Don't Support The Troops

I am so sick and tired of lazy and/or biased journalists equating patriotism, support of troops with supporting Commander Cuckoo Bananas in his insane war effort. The latest example is from Brigid Schulte in the Washington Post. Here is her opening paragraph from yesterday's story about the war protests and counter-protests.
As war protesters marched toward Arlington Memorial Bridge en route to the Pentagon yesterday, they were flanked by long lines of military veterans and others who stood in solidarity with U.S. troops and the Bush administration's cause in Iraq. Many booed loudly as the protesters passed, turned their backs to them or yelled, "If you don't like America, get out!"

I am a veteran Ms. Schulte. Do I hate myself by thinking the war is a bad idea and we need to go home? When you use emotionally charged language such as "in solidarity with U.S. Troops", by inference you are suggesting that those who oppose this war don't support the troops.

Funny. Sending thousands more to die with bad equipment isn't my idea of being supportive, but it is apparently yours. Are you just taking your lead from the fine editorial section let by Fred Hiatt?

Your yellow support the troops magnet on the car does not make you an expert on how best to honor the troops service. Perhaps you could do as your colleague Dana Priest did and see how well the troops are being honored in places like Walter Reed.

Or you could get yourself a second car magnet. That means you would be twice as patriotic as me.