Monday, March 26, 2007

Rubin Navarette Is A Total Prick

CNN shows more balance, by again letting conservatives talk about the attorney scandal. This is balanced by silence from the left. In other words, it's the same old, same old.

In today's episode of 'Rubin Navarette is a clueless tool', he suggests that there finally might be a scandal in the US attorney buzz. It appears that it wasn't handled well politically by Abu G. and the gang at Justice. They did nothing wrong of course, other than bad PR work in the past few weeks.

Last week, I tried to defend Attorney General Alberto Gonzales against an assembling mob that, when it comes to the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, is long on animosity but short on facts.

In response to the commentary, I was flooded with angry e-mail from condescending liberals. (I know. Is there any other kind?) You see, while those on the left say they want to give people like me every possible right, apparently this doesn't include the right to think for ourselves.

Perhaps liberals condescend to you for a reason Ruben? Have you ever considered that for a fact. I rarely saw liberals condescend to Bill Buckley, or to Barry Goldwater, who many of us disagreed with politically, but we respected the fact that they did have fine minds. Maybe it is just you, sweetness.

Navarette is offended that these liberals emailed him stating that he suggested that to replace Gonzales was a sign of ulterior motives.
Scores of readers claimed that I had written that the only reason Gonzales is in trouble is because he is Hispanic and that, for this reason alone, he should get a pass on any wrongdoing.

I don't believe either of those things. And reading over the piece, I can't find where I said otherwise. Maybe you'll have better luck.

So, I took a look at Navarette's last column. I have no idea why people would even dare suggest Ruben was suggesting it was racism behind the people who were attacking Gonzales. Do you see any hints of it in the following?
In the flap over the ousted U.S. attorneys, Alberto Gonzales has been hoisted up as a political piƱata.

The nation's first Hispanic attorney general is being pressured to resign by -- pick 'em -- Democrats trying to make hay, an elite media that long opposed him, civil libertarians who condemn administration policy on detainees and wiretaps, conservatives who think Gonzales is too liberal, and liberals who think he's too conservative.

Leading this lynch mob are white liberals who resent Gonzales because they can't claim the credit for his life's accomplishments and because they can't get him to curtsy. Why should he? Gonzales doesn't owe them a damn thing.

Democratic politicians love posing with mariachis as they nibble chips and salsa on Cinco De Mayo. But it was a Republican -- George W. Bush -- who made history by nominating a Hispanic to serve as attorney general.

Where would we get such a fucking crazy idea that you were accusing us of race baiting from reading that drivel Ruben? Again, this column is short on substance. Why was hispanic David Iglesias fired? Do they hate hispanics or something in the Bush administration is that it? Did his name seem a bit too brown? What gives? Obviously that can be the only motive they had for firing this Republican prosecutor, member of the Bush administration with an exemplary record.

To get back to my thesis here... Ruben Navarette is a total prick.