Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pope Wants To Talk About Hell

For centuries it has been one of the Catholic Church's favourite topics. But the Pope has given a fresh reminder to his flock that Hell is hell and bemoaned the fact that it rarely gets talked about these days.

The 79-year old pontiff used a Mass in the gritty Fidene suburb of Rome to put damnation back on the agenda. "Jesus came to tell us everyone is wanted in paradise, and that hell, about which little gets said today, exists and is eternal for those who shut their hearts to his love," Pope Benedict warned the congregation on Sunday.

I have just been too busy. What with the Catholic church busy bashing homosexuals, while covering up priestly pederasty, hording money in treasure while their converts in the third world struggle to eat, sometimes hell is too arcane a subject. Perhaps you can convert to a pope bicyle and feed a few people with the proceeds from the trade in.

Please get your shit together first before telling people where they will go if they don't believe your dogma. Ok?