Tuesday, March 27, 2007

OB/GYNs Need to Spread Love With Their Patients

A video made the rounds a few years ago about George W. Bush's declining speaking and thinking skills. The thing that stunned me when watching it was not listening to him now, but listening to him then when he was the Governor of Texas. I did not agree with his proposals but he was clear in presenting them, sharp on his feet, the very opposite of how he is now. Why can't the man speak in anything other than a disjointed soundbite if there isn't something going wrong upstairs?

Last week, he gave another petulant performance when discussing the US Attorney firings, and his "reasonable proposal" that Karl Rove could speak to congress in the dark, with no oath, and with no record. Perhaps the unreasonable first offer was that Senators would be waterboarded if they gave a summary of what Rove uttered. The anger and rage though are what struck in my mind. Our president is like an enraged two year old who doesn't get their way. I know, I have one at home (a toddler, not a President).

Reagan was pretty obviously suffering pre-senile dementia in the last few years in office. So what do we do now with Bush, finger on the button, convinced that he is God's messenger, with warships cruising towards Iran? Put Cheney in charge? That may be Bush's saving grace. You put a rational Republican into the VP slot and Bush looks hapless in comparison.

Cheney is protection against anything ever happening to Bush other than wise men and women in Washington having long talks with Condi and Gates about ignoring Bush or sidestepping him when he goes on a tear. Like Nixon's men ignored rants about firebombing the Brookings institution, Bush's people are going to have to pat George on the head, and let him play some video games while they run the country.

Here is the video that demonstrated something has gone terribly wrong in George Bush's brain. Watch, be horrified, and pray that he doesn't get worse before January 2009.