Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Neil Bush Explains Habeus Corpus

Actually, this is the video that Ignite Media has thrown up on the YouTubes as an example of one of the great educational tools offered by Neil's company. Ever since we last heard of Neil's misadventures with hookers accidentally knocking on his door and having sex with him, Neil has kept a relatively low media profile.

Neil's little educational software system has some great backers. You could probably guess some of them. Silverado Savings & Loan for some reason didn't pony up any cash. I wonder why.

Most of Ignite's business has been obtained through sole-source contracts without competitive bidding. Neil Bush has been directly involved in marketing the product.

In addition to federal or state funds, foundations and corporations have helped buy Ignite products. The Washington Times Foundation, backed by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, head of the South Korea-based Unification Church, has peppered classrooms throughout Virginia with Ignite's COWs under a $1-million grant.

Oil companies and Middle East interests with long political ties to the Bush family have made similar bequests. Aramco Services Co., an arm of the Saudi-owned oil company, has donated COWs to schools, as have Apache Corp., BP and Shell Oil Co.

I am sure glad that Neil Bush isn't running the country. Every day, we should wake up and curse Barbara Bush's eggs, and poppy's spermies. Something just isn't right with one or both of them.

H/T World Bridger Media