Tuesday, March 27, 2007

National Review's The Corner Watch

Occasionally, I look at National Review's 'The Corner' to get my fresh set of GOP talking points. Byron York, who incidentally has excellent hair, has some great sources for GOP boilerplate. Whatever bullshit the GOP is trying to spin, people like him have the faxes or email points down cold and the denizens of the Corner spread this stuff like manure.

So yesterday when news broke that Monica Goodling from the Justice Department planned to plead the fifth, I was interested to see how the Corner rats would spin the story.

Noted Duran Duran anthologer Kathryn Jean Lopez did report the news at 4:36 PM with a link to the AP report. She didn't leave any comments. Perhaps it was because she was digesting (the report) and wasn't prepared to speak to it yet.

15 minutes passed, and a new blog post came up. Wow. The spin room at the White House must work quickly. Awww rats, it was a post about immigration bills.

So I waited for the good GOP spin that I knew would soothe my soul. I didn't have long. Four minutes later at 4:55 a new post came. Oh crap, it's picking on Rosie O'Donnell time again. False alarm.

I waited and waited and waited. Were they taking long dinners? Was there a DC event that all the cool kids went to last night? If so, how did Jonah Goldberg get tickets? Right before bed, once more I checked and there was a blog post at 10:55. It was a link to Brit blogs covering the Iranian's holding the 15 UK sailors.

At that point, I gave up. But first thing this morning, I checked while rubbing my eyes and saw that there was a post at midnight about Rich Lawry discussing YouTube politics, and John Miller at 6am complaining that 24 has jumped the shark.

This can not go on unchallenged. They will be discussing Mork & Mindy pretty soon if Karl Rove does not hand out the proper phrases that will prove once and for all that a Justice Department official taking the fifth is a good thing for Republicans and proof of how evil democrats are when they persecute innocent people.

There are multiple people writing for the Corner. There is Mario Loyola, K-Lo, Jonah Goldberg, Kate O'Beirne, Byron York, John Miller, Larry Kudlow, Iain Murray, Stephen Spruiell,Mark Krikorian, Ramesh Ponnuru, Andrew Stuttaford, Peter Suderman and several others. It's not like my one man blog. It has now been 15 hours since this story broke. It says something to me that there is nothing but silence on this story which is leading every newscast, and was the top story last night.

They got nothing.