Thursday, March 29, 2007

Moral Values and The GOP Field

Rudy Giuliani fucked his cousin for over a decade, then got an anullment because he didn't realize it. His father was apparently mobbed up, he dresses in drag, supports abortions, gay rights, endorses democrats, and liked the assault weapons banning bill. He cheated on his wife in public, then kicked her out to live with a gay couple. He is leading the field in the GOP primary.

John McCain screwed around on his first wife, married his second a month after the ink was dry.

Newt Gingrich... well books can be written about his moral lapses. Apparently it doesn't count as sex if it's a hummer because he didn't "sleep" with them. He led the crusade against Clinton's moral failings.

Now thrice married Fred Thompson is entering the picture. He dated liberal journalist Margaret Carlsson for a time. But, he is on tv.

What is wrong with Republicans? Seriously? It's like they are running the morally lax olympics here. Newt is expected to medal. Can we stop the meme that Republicans are the values party? These folks don't share my values. I do like Newt Gingrich's sex scenes in his novel though. They are teh hot. Perhaps the Republicans are going the way of the whigs before them. Or, they can get Tv's Gopher from the Love Boat in. He almost became Governor of Iowa. Stranger things have happened.