Thursday, March 08, 2007

Michelle Magalong Malkin Is A Horrible "Human Being"

No, that isn't news. Mrs Internment Camp 2005 has a new article stating that those who protest a deployment for Bush's insane surge effort are basically in league with the terrorists. How does a person get to be as sleazy and immoral? Is it from hanging around with closeted gay porn stars too much?

It seems that there are two populations of people who hate Strykers: moonbats and insurgents."Question their patriotism? You bet I do.

I question your morality Magalong. I also question the wingnut welfare that keeps you in the green. I question the fact that this war is a collosal fuck up by your hero Commander Cuckoo Bananas, and your idea of supporting the troops is sending more of them into the meat grinder of IED explosions created by the insane policies of the grown-ups in Washington.

If I ever become dictator of the US, you will have your own wing in an internment camp so scientists can take psychological tests, full body scans, and map your DNA, so we can abort any babies who might have a predisposition to be like you. We will then crack those baby eggs on a piece of melba toast and enjoy them with a nice Mermosa.