Monday, March 26, 2007

Lynn Westmoreland Wants To Know More

According to National Review's luxuriously coiffed reporter Byron York, hard hitting intellectual whirlwind congressman Lynn Westmoreland isn't quite satisfied with the testimony that Valerie Plame gave to his congressional committee. Westmoreland, who is known as one of the brightest members of congress, has contemplated the matter further and demands details.
Now, however, Westmoreland wants to know more. In a letter to committee chairman Rep. Henry Waxman Friday, he submitted more questions for Mrs. Wilson and requested that Waxman ask the Senate Intelligence Committee for information that could shed light on issues left unresolved after her testimony.

As part of its investigation into pre-war intelligence, the Senate committee interviewed Mrs. Wilson, as well as some of her colleagues at the CIA. The committee also reviewed CIA documents about the Niger uranium affair. In his letter, Westmoreland asked Waxman to ask the Senate committee for the full text of Mrs. Wilson’s interview with Senate investigators. Westmoreland also asked for the “full text of Ms. Plame’s February 12, 2002 email/memo to her boss regarding sending her husband, Joseph Wilson, to Niger.”

My goodness this Westmoreland fellow is on the ball. I think my readers should know much more about Westmoreland so here is a video clip of Lynn discussing biblical law with crack reporter Stephen Colbert. The wisdom of Westmoreland truly is stunning. If a man like this questions Valerie Plame, we should all be asking more questions.