Friday, March 16, 2007

Japan Denies Coercing WWII "Comfort Women"

TOKYO -- The Japanese government has found no evidence that the military or the government forced women to work in World War II military brothels, the Cabinet said in a statement to a lawmaker Friday.

The declaration coincided with moves by conservative lawmakers to investigate the issue and soften a 1993 government apology for pressing thousands of woman to work as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers in Asia.

"The government has not come across anything recorded in the materials it has found that directly shows so-called 'coercion' on the part of the military or constituted authorities," said the statement.

It is not hyperbole to state this is just like americans denying slavery existed, or others denying the holocaust. I find this highly offensive, and do hope that the planned congressional resolution denouncing Japan's morally putrid behavior then and now comes through as envisioned.