Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is Vanguard the Conservative Answer to Move-On?

A story today in Online Journal caught my attention. Apparently, some young conservatives headed by Rod Martin along with the support of traditional heavy right wing hitters such as Stephen Moore, Grover Norquist, and Marvin Olasky are all involved in TheVanguard.org as an imitation and a rival to Move-on.org's power for the left.

At present, there are several noteworthy things about TheVanguard.org: the origin of its name; its stated goal to both emulate and take on MoveOn.org; its mix of Silicon Valley pedigree and fundraising sources with veteran movement conservatives; its weaving of so-called traditional religious principles with secular conservatism; and its hiring of dedicated slash-and-burn right wing ideologues.

Over at TheVanguard, they explicitly state that they are attempting to take on Move-On, have activists tools including media contact lists, a reading list for conservatives with links to buy the books at Amazon, and a plea for donations.

All this costs money. George Soros, Teddy Kennedy and Michael Moore have it: will we? Please make a financial contribution today.

That quite frankly is silly. Teddy Kennedy and Michael Moore have never sent me a check each month like George Soros does. I take them somewhat seriously. There is money behind this effort. However, the conservative movement is extremely fractured now, and it will be just as hard for them to rally around common cause as it has been for democrats in the past. You have social conservatives such as Sam Brownback and Chuck Hagel opposing the war. TheVanguard is enthusiastically for the war.

Right now, John McCain and Rudy Guiliani who are anathema to the mouth breathing crowd are leading the field in the GOP primaries. We shall see, but when this group gets a bunch of institutional cash dumped on it next fall, we should be seeing alot of ads produced by them which have the honor and integrity of Willie Horton, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and the other fine issue ads that the right wingers are known for employing.

Vanguard wants to be the enemy of the left. So, let's at least pay attention.