Friday, March 09, 2007

Hugh Hewitt's Place Is Kind Of Retarded

"Star" Hugh Hewitt blogger Dean Barnett ponders a deep question for all the ages:

I’ve been crunching the numbers, poring through all of those obnoxious press releases that the DNC sends out. The results may surprise you:

In 2007, the pit-yorkies at the DNC have released a bunch of attack press releases on GOP presidential aspirants. Of those that focused on a single candidate, Mitt Romney got the honor 26 times, John McCain 18 times and Rudy 8 times. In other words, the DNC has aimed its flaccid wrath at Mitt as much as it targeted Rudy and McCain combined. Strangely, the DNC, which obviously has way too much time on its hands, also released one attack just on Tommy Thompson and two on some guy named Gilmore who I guess is also running for president. Who knew?

Why does the DNC have it in for Mitt? Is it because they think he’ll be the ultimate standard bearer? Or is it because they don’t want him to be the ultimate standard bearer? Or perhaps, in applying an Occam’s Razor application, is it because under Howard Dean the DNC is capricious and illogical and just fires at random with no underlying purpose or strategy?

Ummm, perhaps it's because John McCain and Rudy Guiliani are already nationally known figures who already have some familiarity with the American people and Mitt Romney doesn't? Romney has money behind him and has a good shot at winning. However, nobody really knows anything about him. I know Newt Gingrich's playbook is kinda sleazy, but you define the enemy first before he defines himself. Remember that or did you flunk professor Luntz' course? Is it really that confusing when this attack method is deployed back against your side as well?

You aren't too bright are you?