Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Does Hallmark Have A Card For This Occassion?

British Airways has issued an apology to a first class passenger on a flight from Delhi to London last week who woke up to find himself next to a dead body.

The cabin crew had used an unoccupied seat in his row for the body of an elderly woman who had died in the crowded economy section about three hours after takeoff.

Paul Trinder, 54, told the Mirror and Sun tabloids that he woke at 30,000 feet to discover the flight crew strapping the body into the seat near him.

I would be highly upset if they did this to me, but I am kind of squeamish that way. Flying in sardine cans is terrifying enough without being woken up with dead bodies strapped to your side. Some therapist is going to make himself a nice little retainer when the nightmares begin.

If this was JetBlue, he would have had to sit on the tarmac with the corpse for 11 hours so it wasn't too bad. The airlines who still wonder why people have negative views of your service should consider this story as a mild example of why the love just isn't there anymore.

This also was in first class. That is the big shocker. Usually they would try to stick the corpse next to some schlub with a discount fare, but all those seats, save one of course, were likely taken.