Monday, March 05, 2007

Dick Cheney Diagnosed With Blood Clot

Doctors have diagnosed a blood clot in Vice President Dick Cheney's lower left leg, AP reports.

"Vice President Dick Cheney made a visit to the hospital today after experiencing what his office called some 'discomfort' following his recent trip overseas," the Associated Press reports. "A statement from cheney's office said an ultrasound revealed a deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or 'blood clot' in his left lower leg and added his doctors will treat him with blood thinning medication for several months."

The sixty-six year old vice president "experienced mild calf discomfort," according to the AP, "and in light of his recent prolonged air travel, he visited his doctor's office at the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates this afternoon."

Dick Cheney's heart really doesn't function that well. The metaphor just speaks for itself. Before Michelle Malkin bitches about my lack of sensitivity for the bringer of liberation death and destruction to the Iraqi people. I hope Cheney recovers enough to realize he has brought carnage to the world, retires in piece, and enjoys his Halliburton stock long enough to pass it on to that lesbian daughter of his.