Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Straight Talk Express Crashing and Burning

In the just released Washington Post ABC News Poll, with Newt Gingrich added as an option, Guiliani leads McCain 44% to 21%. Without Gingrich as an option, Guiliani leads 53% to 23%.

This is quite amusing. You have McCain who has been trying to sell his soul to anybody who will buy. Flip-flopping on gay rights, on guns, on the religious right, desperate for their approval. The only thing this has accomplished is turning off moderates, making little inroads to the Armegeddon crowd who know that he is faking his come to fundy Jesus orgasm.

Mitt Romney scored 4% in the poll btw. This is amongst Republicans. Why is the press going over the records of his great grand-parents to figure out which ones were bigamists when he is just a blip in the numbers currently?

I am very excited about Guiliani leading. Hopefully, he gets nominated before enough of James Dobson's followers realize that he is pro-choice, including at one time, being in favor of late term abortions. He is pro-gay, even living with a gay couple. He is also twice divorced, of course one of those being his second cousin. He is a serial adulterer as well. I also think the video of him in drag hanging out with Donald Trump is going to offend the key Tim Hardaway demographic.

It's electoral magic baby!