Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shia Protest US Detention of Cleric's Son

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Thousands of Shiites on Saturday protested the U.S. detention of the son of Iraq's most powerful Shiite politician, and the country's Kurdish president deplored the "uncivilized" behavior of the American soldiers responsible.

The real message of the demonstrations: Don't push the Shiites too far either over concessions to the Sunnis or ties to Iran.

In cities throughout the Shiite south, protesters carried Iraqi flags and chanted slogans against the detention of Amar al-Hakim, 35, who was taken into custody by U.S. troops Friday as he returned from Iran.

The message it sends to this American is that unless we are assisting the Shia is taking out Sunnis, our actions aren't welcome. But, maybe I am reading too much in to this.