Monday, February 26, 2007

Sharpton Wants DNA Test Regarding Ancestry

NEW YORK (AP) -- A prominent civil rights activist wants a DNA test to confirm genealogists' findings that his great-grandfather, a slave, was owned by an ancestor of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, once a prominent defender of racial segregation.

"I can't find out anything more shocking than I've already learned," the Rev. Al Sharpton told the Daily News.His spokesman, Rachel Noerdlinger, confirmed Monday that Sharpton plans to pursue DNA testing, but had no further details.

Thurman, the late senator from South Carolina, ran for U.S. president in 1948 as a segregationist. Sharpton ran for president in 2004 calling for racial equality.

Who would he DNA test exactly? This is what intrigues me. Perhaps Sharpton has some inklink that he might genetically linked to the Thurmond family. It was very common for members of slave holding families to rape female slaves and produce offspring. It would be mighty curious to see if Sharpton actually is a Thurmond too. Let's not forget that Strom Thurmond himself impregnated a teen-aged african american made when he was much younger, and knew of his daughter's existence all the while he was fightin for racial bigotry. His black daughter pre-dates his movement and run in 1948 as the segregationist candidate for President.

Sharpton suing for his share of inheritance rights would be poetic justice.