Friday, February 16, 2007

Second bomb Blast This Week In Iran, In City of Zahedan
A bomb exploded in Iran on Friday not far from the site where an explosion earlier this week took the lives of 11 people, a report by the state-run news agency says.

The explosion occurred in the southeastern city of Zahedan, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency. There was no word on casualties.

"Minutes ago, the sound of a bomb explosion was heard in one of Zahedan's streets," the news agency said.

Sunni extremists are being blamed for the blast. This could be a sign that there is starting to be spill over from what is occuring in Iraq. Just 9% of Iran's population is Sunni. If more bombs go off, there will likely be retaliations against the Sunni minority from the Shia in Iran. Ethnic and religious violence within Islam could be the new danger that broadens in the near future.

George W. Bush probably has a good plan for this. Ignore Iran, point fingers at them, and commence bombing. Like his other diplomatic initiatives, success will not be easy to measure in terms other than complete disaster.