Saturday, February 10, 2007

No New Tactics in Copter Attacks

BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan - There is no basis for believing that insurgents' recent success in shooting down U.S. helicopters in Iraq means they have developed new attack methods or discovered new U.S. vulnerabilities, the Army's vice chief of staff said Saturday.

"I see no change in trends" on the part of the insurgent's targeting efforts, "and I see no capability gaps" on the part of U.S. forces, Gen. Richard Cody said in an interview en route to this air base north of Kabul, Afghanistan's capital.

Why, I am sure they were greeting us with flowers that got caught in the propellers. It's not a change in tactics, it's a sudden appreciation with unforseen consequences is all.

Denial is such a strong force in our leadership these days. Therefore, we will be bombing Iran any second now and declaring mission accomplished before the bombers return back to base.