Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Neither Libby Nor Cheney To Testify

Via Firedoglake

Wells: Prior to lunch I indicated to the court that I would be making recommendations to Libby wrt the progress of his case. Over the lunch hour Mr Jeffress and I advised Cheney's lawyer. If we had called he would have been available on Thursday. We have released the VP as a witness. Jeffress and I recommended to Libby that subject to putting on the briefers and some documentary evidence, he should rest following that. After consulting with us and his wife, he indicated he would follow this advice.

Well, I guess Libby is hoping for that pardon after all. No Cheney, no Libby defending himself, his goose looks to be cooked at this point. Juries can surprise you though. Those of us not in the jury box can't really tell if the shaky memory defense is flying at all.