Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mitt Romney Flip Flopper Par Excellence

Mitt Romney, who has touted his support of gun owners since launching his presidential campaign, yesterday acknowledged he did not become a member of the National Rifle Association until last August, campaign officials said.

A former advocate of gun control, Romney during his 1994 run for the US Senate backed measures the gun-rights group opposed, such as a five-day waiting period on gun sales and a ban on certain assault weapons.

The former Massachusetts governor has been criticized for changing his positions to appeal to social conservatives voting in Republican primaries. In a nationally broadcast interview yesterday, he also had to explain his switch to a conservative stance on abortion and why he once voted for Democrats in Massachusetts primaries

Your move John McCain. You might just have to blow James Dobson now. Seriously though, both of these guys are humiliating themselves. Just run as the Unity Party candidate or something. Changing core beliefs on the religious right, abortion, gays, guns is demeaning to you and the voters. They aren't going to buy it. Next, Rudy Guiliani is going to convert to the Southern Baptist church. I suggest that there are enough sane Republican primary voters (a questionable assumption to be sure) that one candidate can stand out by not being the equivalent of one of Ted Haggard's week-end companions.