Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jose Padilla Competency Hearing Under Way

MIAMI -- A forensic psychiatrist who spent more than 20 hours examining Jose Padilla told a federal judge Thursday the terror suspect can not answer important questions about his past because of mental problems.

Dr. Angela Hegarty said when she questioned Padilla about the allegations against him or his incarceration in a South Carolina Navy brig, he would shut down and try to change the subject.

Prosecutors have accused defense lawyers of attempting to turn the hearing on Padilla's mental competency into a referendum on his controversial detention at the brig as an enemy combatant.

Well, why shouldn't they turn it into a referendum on the fact that we engaged in soft torture, isolation, lack of habeus corpus for an American Citizen. It would be like the LA police bitching about Rodney King focusing on the beating he took instead of the traffic violation.

Where do these people come from exactly? John Shipley, the prosecutor in this case, I am sending you this message across the internets. What the fuck is the matter with you? Didn't you swear to protect the constitution? Or did you miss that day?