Monday, February 12, 2007

John Bolton's Worst Nightmare Comes True

BEIJING, China (CNN) -- North Korea has tentatively agreed to close down its nuclear weapons program in exchange for energy aid, U.S. and Chinese officials said Tuesday.

But the proposed deal was being reviewed by officials in the negotiators' capitals before becoming final.

Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, the lead American official at the talks, said the United States will give an unspecified amount of energy assistance to North Korea in exchange for North Korea freezing its production of plutonium/

Poor John "The Moustache" Bolton was left to sputter on the Situation Room that obviously Bush couldn't have been briefed on this deal, or he wouldn't have accepted it. He thinks that "highly" of Bush that he is completely flabbergasted. One in another of the good things that happen when democrats take the congress back. Bolton was an obvious goner, and his influence has obviously lessened when it comes to policy in the Korean Penninsula. Now if we can just get Cheney out of Middle East policy as well...