Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Ok IF You Are A Republican (IOKIYAAR)

Back in 1995, when Clinton was considering sending peace keepers into Bosnia, the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee wrote a long memo suggesting that congress needed to massively oversee whatever he did, including the amount of troops that Clinton could send. They proposed that it was the congressional role to micromanage and evaluate any decision that "the decider" in the oval office had to make. My favorite quote is the following.

It is critical for the Administration to set out the conditions for withdrawal prior to deployment. Is the Administration intent on maintaining a U.S. presence in Bosnia indefinitely and if so, at what level?

Of course this is just the latest example of the lack of consistency. My favorite little fact about the hypocrisy is Trent Lott shouting a resounding no for impeaching Nixon while in the House, yet seeing that Clinton's blowjob was a far greater crime against humanity than anything Nixon did, and voting to convict Clinton while Lott was a member of the Senate. If only Strom Thurmond had become President. If only.