Monday, February 12, 2007

Harvard Has Too Damned Much Money

Via MaxSpeak, we hear that Gawker has an interesting point to make about Harvard in the wake of them hiring their first Female President. Many news stories are commenting on how she will be in charge of an endowment of $26 billion. That would be the equivalent of 500 years of free tuition for all their students.

I know Harvard alumns love their fine institution, but please just stop giving already. They don't need your money. If Harvard isn't going to free tuition, why should they deserve another dime? Hoarding money for who know's what is not really the role the University should be taking. Perhaps with free tuition, Harvard could become more of a meritocricy, and people like oh... George W. Bush for example, would have had to compete on the merits for his slot at this swell spot.