Saturday, February 24, 2007

Freepers React To New Poverty Figures.

A study just released shows that 16 million Americans are living in serious poverty. This means that as an individual they are making less than $5,080 a year, or for a family of four it means making less than $9,903. This is actually half or less of what is considered to be poverty, the highest rate of severe poverty in the nation since 1975.

So, I put a clothespin on my nose to figure out what the average "conservative" citizens at Free Republic thought about this news. Here are some samples.

Boy if this isn't the biggest crock of feces I've ever heard.

Ah, the class warfare card. It's always been a winner for the socialist crowd. I expect we'll be seeing more of it in the runup to the 2008 elections.

Perhaps people who are only earning 9K a year you should not be having children. Just a thought.

5080 is only reported income ( welfare, WIC, SSS, etc.) It does not take into account working under the table, stealing and drug sales. I'm sure we would all be surprised at the Beemers, Lexus and hi def TV's these poor people have. This is no joke when you see what the LE confiscates when a drug bust is made.

I'll have to inform my wife that she lives in extreme poverty despite my 6-figure income. It might even ruin her vacation to Florida next week.

They all have cell phones, cars, cable TV, and are 150 pounds overweight...

How many of these are Citizens of the United States of America?

Poor people are some of the biggest lardasses I've ever seen. It comes from sitting for hours and hours watching their 50in big screen TVs instead of getting a job.

Maybe if they stop voting for liberals their situation would change.

They talk on their cell phones while riding electric carts @ Walmart, pulling another cart full of junk foods

And 99% of all these "deep poverty" people live in rat-taxed, rat-run, rat-controlled cities.

Severe poverty? You mean like only one cell phone and one TV?

I often think Freepers shouldn't be allowed to breed. Here is more proof.