Monday, February 26, 2007

Freepers Discuss The Al Sharpton Strom Thurmond Story

Today, we examine the tender and thoughtful way that denizens of Free Republic display when responding to the news that one of Strom Thurmond's ancestors owned one of Al Sharpton's ancestors. The Freepi discuss this story here,here ,here here and here. The following are sample quotes that quite accurately sum up the conservative republicans introspection that resulted from this shocking discovery.

I always knew there was a little white in Reverend Sharpton, yearning to be free.

Then Shrapnel will have ammo to tawany brawley the Thurmonds no doubt some how......

I can see the resemblance. They both appear to be imbeciles, and then there's the matter of the helmet hair. In the past,Sharpton(The Graft Zeppelin) used to wear weird outfits too..
And she alluded to Sharpton having become what? A race-baiting pimp?

So, should the Thurmonds demand a refund?

Y'know, some people just go around looking for trouble. Thurmond's alleged slave-owning ancestors are dead. Sharpton's alleged slave ancestors are dead. So what. He should get on with his life and get over it. But nooooooooo ... just more fuel for his victim-mentality poor-me, I'm-oppressed-because-my-ancestors-200 -years-ago-were-oppressed, fire. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this.

ABSOLUTELY! If his ancestors were as trifling as old Al, the Thurmonds should require him to pay them for allowing them to live on their land! Has Al ever done an honest day's work?

Shapton's forebear had an honest job and supported his family. Al doesn't own the shirt on his devious back.

He's too dumb to realize it, but he's still on the "Plantation".

The Thurmonds did not own much.

I wonder if Sen Byrd's family might lay claim to Jessie Jackson?

Nah, more likely that Jessie Jackass's ancestors in Africa probably sold Al's ancestors into slavery; and maybe vice versa.

My father stated that Thurmond was nothing more than a Monkey...that would make Sharton something like Strom's Uncle .... or something like that

Al Sharpton wants to take a DNA test to see if he is, in fact, related to the late South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond. Creature of the Black Lagoon.

AL Sharpton is a hustla and he knows that he'll get on the news and on websites like FR so people can remember his name? I mean when was the last time he appeared in the nooz anyway.

Look out, Thurmonds! Hide your money! Cuzzin Al's comin' to town!

And all this time I thought he was a Son of a B-----.

What a shame for the Thurmond family's good name to be besmirched by such an association to such a disgusting and disreputable jerk.

Hope they kept the receipt, perhaps Strom can get a refund...

What freed Coleman three generations ago? Good will? Some form of ransom? The Civil War? Most likely it was the actions of a Republican president that freed Coleman Sharpton from the slavery, the same slavery the Democrat party fought to maintain.
Tell me again what party this ungrateful greatgrandson attacks.

But I have been so busy exploiting and inciting mah peole that I never gots the chance to reasearch mah lineage. I will gracioulsy accept the left testicle of evah white male in the country as reparations," Sharpton added.

This has been another episode of compassionate conservatism brought to you by the fine folks at Free Republic. I need to take a shower now, feeling a bit dirty.