Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Congressional Spouse And Guatamalan President?

Former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt, accused of genocide in an international court, said on Wednesday he would probably not run for president this year.

The 80-year-old retired general, who rights groups blame for a ruthless scorched earth campaign against Maya Indians during his 1980s rule, unsuccessfully ran for president in 2003 but said he would likely sit out this year's race.

Rios Montt's daughter, Zury Rios Montt, married to Illinois Republican Congressman Jerry Weller, has been rumored to be a possible future presidential candidate.

Those liberal Guatamalan courts have decided that ex-dictators are ineligible to run for President under their constitution, so Zury Rios Montt might be drafted to run.

I bet Jerry Weller is one Congressional Republican from Illinois who doesn't cheat on his wife. There are fathers-in-law who threaten to do bodily harm to those who don't toe the line, but this guy likely has butchers on speed dial.

Weller does have an obvious conflict of interest here. He promised to recuse himself from matters relating to Guatamala when he married the madman's daughter. He instead was a strong advocate for the CAFTA agreement, which his wife and father-in-law also strongly supported for Guatamala.

In fact Weller got married in Guatamala, likely because Rios-Mott couldn't give his daughter away anywhere else due to the pesky International Criminal Warrant for war crimes. So, now he can be both first husband and congressional scumbag at the same time. His career is quite on the upswing.