Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Byron York: Soulless Wonder

Byron York has a little blog post up on Mitt Romney, what York says about Romney isn't that original but what fascinates me more is how this post reflects the cynical opportunism that Mr. York endorses as a political philosophy. He acknowledges the fact that Mitt Romney is flipping hard to the right to pander for votes. This does not disturb him at all. It's the fact that Romney can't come up with a better "narrative" for his campaign, which is leading people to notice the fact that Romney is pandering like a whore to get votes in the GOP primary.

I thought I was cynical. Yet, it still warms my heart over when candidates actually mean what they say on the big moral issues. I even give passes to people who disagree on some things as long as they are being honest agents. Byron York apparently just wants to be pandered to by non-believers just as long as they are skilled enough to pull it off. Conservatives wondering why you have gone adrift, look no further than Byron York.