Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bush To Veto Bill Aimed At Strengthening Unions

President Bush will veto pending legislation aimed at boosting union strength, Vice President Cheney told National Association of Manufacturers members at a Wednesday breakfast meeting to kick off the group’s lobbying efforts.

The manufacturers’ coalition seeks to kill the bill, among a list of four legislative priorities for the 110th Congress. The House Education and Labor Committee is scheduled to mark up the legislation Wednesday.

President Bush's veto is important of course. The unions are much too powerful. They command 12% of the workforce in 2006, down from 12% in 2005, as compared to the 1950's when they were over 35% of all workers. In other words, Bush is selling out American workers to big business.

The reason behind this bill is simple. Companies tend to fire workers who try to organize, or they ship in a whole bunch of employees in just before a vote who are there just to vote no on a union. This bill would allow workers to simply sign a secret card saying they wanted a union, and when 50% of them sign for it, they can have a union.

Worker salaries are stagnant. Corporate bonuses were actually higher in 2006, then the entire amount of increase in non managerial salaries for ALL workers for the last five years. What a disgrace we have for a President. But he believes in Armageddon, and his followers blissfully follow him off the cliff. Enough is enough already. You guys won the class war, we get it.