Friday, February 23, 2007

Bush Neuters His Poodle, Blair Left Whimpering

Tony Blair was today facing a major rebuff from the United States over proposals to site key elements of the American so-called “son of Star Wars” missile defence system on British soil.

Downing St confirmed today that the British government was in discussion with Washington about hosting parts of the programme – believed to be the interceptors that would be used to bring down a ballistic missile – in the UK.

However the US deputy chief of mission in London, David Johnson, said that the US administration was primarily looking at the Czech Republic and Poland to locate the system.

Bush didn't forget Poland! Ok, to be serious a second, the Russians are furious about the missile components being placed in former Eastern Block soil. They feel threatened and this will likely start a new military build up. Tony Blair, who up until this week has kissed Bush's backside in the most degrading of ways has volunteered his country as an option for this boondoggle, which likely most people he rules doesn't want. So Bush tells him to bugger off.

If Bush wasn't busy trying to create Armageddon, this would be incredibly funny. Donestic politicians in the U.S. could have told Blair this is how Bush treats people who are of no use to him anymore. Blair needs to resign today. If you can't even show something you consider useful to your simpering loyalty to George W. Bush that has discredited your nation as well, what good purpose do you serve other than to help lead the Tories back into power?